Sunday, May 27, 2012

Unc’s coffee and coffee gear enters the current era.


Meet the new kid, Keurig.

I don’t know what happened, exactly, but there I was…

…standing in the Pet Products aisle in our way too fucking big Walmart, when it dawned on me that I was out of coffee filters. Pleased with myself for remembering, I began the trudge to Home Products where, I assumed, I would find some coffee filters, which I did. 

Just what I needed.


…a friend of mine has been belaboring the positives of brewing my coffee in a French press, namely that there is no paper filter to taint the flavor of the coffee.  Seems reasonable to me that the paper would add some flavor of it’s own, and I made a mental note to discuss the permanent gold coffee filters with him, but never got beyond that. Well…

…so today, my left hand full of the package of paper coffee filters, I thought I’d go ahead and see if they had any French presses for me to look at whilst I was there  which, alas, they did not. But what they did have was…

k-cups…a fairly large selection of those new Keurig coffee makers. These are ones that use those cool looking little cup dealies, you know?  I didn’t look closely enough at them to know why some were bigger or more expensive than the others, but I did notice that they had…

…something they called  a Keurig “Mini,” I think it was, on sale…


Though admittedly on the bottom of the seniority list, there she be, taking her place in my electric coffee making arsenal, and holding her own thru the two cups I’ve had that she’s built.

I am, however, shocked at myself for buying it and enjoying it.  I tend to just stick with what works for me which, in coffee context, means for the past 40 years or so I’ve been building my coffee pretty much the same way.  Not any more, it appears.

I’m all…a fucking Renaissance man.

Who knew?


  1. You've gone to the dark side, my friend. I shall pray for your soul. (Or something like that... who knew picking the improper brewing method for coffee could be a mortal sin? I guess it just came to me through divine coffee inspiration.)

    (It does look shiny and inspiring, though... but I won't ever admit to having said that.)

  2. LOL! It's pretty cool, and makes good coffee. The little brew cup things are where the coffee is actually brewed. It's very cool. But I'm not getting rid of anything, just adding to the gear.


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