Friday, July 13, 2012

And now, here’s Uncle Enore with today’s news and commentary. And maybe some pussy, it IS Friday.



I have long been a proponent of women being fully equal in all of the military services.  In fact, back in the sixties when men…boys…were being drafted as fast as they could send out the letters, I supported drafting the women…girls…right along with the men…boys. (Will you PLEASE stop that? We got the message.)

I came at this from two different angles, that were probably closely related. First, I never saw the reason for keeping women out of combat. The reasons that were given for doing so ranged from “do you want our girls in that kind of situation?” to the women not being able to cut it, neither thru basic training nor actual combat.  I always thought that was bullshit, just bald sexism. I still think that.

And, then, of course, women wish to be equal, and so should they be, so let them get drafted (when there’s a draft) and let them into combat to get their asses shot off just like the guys. I’ve been all for it for decades…EVEN THOUGH…the hypocrites in the Women’s Movement have been against it.

This woman marine isn’t all for it, however, and neither am I, any longer.  But not for the reasonsphotoshop185 this article expresses, but because sexual abuse and rape of women in the military is extremely wide spread. “Rampant” might be a good word to use to describe it. And as long as that’s the case, now freely admitted to by the military, themselves, it would only be worse in combat.  I see no compelling argument that would have me support women working their asses off to become a good “fighting unit,” only to be gang raped on the battlefield or some damned thing.

The military hierarchy of all branches of the service should, first, be horribly ashamed, and then they should be crucified for allowing this condition to exist.

Meanwhile, over in China…

I guess this isn’t all that funny, it just sounds funny…but check this shit out.  Over in China somewhere, who cares where? there is this 13 year old kid working at a gas station. So one day the guy that owns the station, and some other guy, grab this kid, hold him down,  stick the air compressor chuck up his ass, and fill him with air…LOL…ahem…I dunno. The article doesn’t say why they did this, but I’m sure it was some Buddhist cleansing ritual or some fucking thing.  Poor kid’ll be lucky if he doesn’t croak, too, not that it matters too much over in China. All those people look alike. How would you know if it was YOUR kid that was dead?  Well…

You dumb Mexican bastards…

Virgin Mary image on tree in New Jersey  Crowds say yes   U.S. News

Virgin Mary image on tree in New Jersey  Crowds say yes   U.S. Newsnnnn

Go ahead. Someone tell me I’m wrong, that these aren’t a bunch of fucking Mexican dumbasses.  My god, there is simply no end to their religious  idiocy…and THIS is the culture you people think doesn’t harm our society? 


And a little personal note…

I loaned a friend (not a real close one,  more a family friend than a personal one) some money month before last, to be paid back monthly over a year’s time.  The first month I had to get in touch with her to actually get her payment, two weeks late.  

The second payment was also late, but, hey, I guess that doesn’t matter all that much, at least I got it.  Well, I got it after I reminded her via text that it was time to give me my money.

Still, I’m a bit offended and more than a trifle pissed about that second payment, since I’m holding a copy of her check, recently returned from my bank, stamped “Insufficient Funds.”

Fuck me if I can’t take a joke.


  1. And then they act like YOU're the jerk... when you loaned THEM the money.

    Have you ever noticed how much like an accusation "I'm sorry" sounds?

  2. When I called her on it, she said she was just behind a little bit, that she would catch it up soon. Haven't heard a word from her since.


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